Establish Values In Your Business And Take It To The Next Level

Everyone carries with them a set of values, internal beliefs, and moral compass. Our values are part of who we are as humans. It makes sense that our values carry over into our business. As wellness providers, you also carry your client’s perceived values about your business and the services you provide. Understanding both types of values can help you provide outstanding service your clients expect and keep them returning and referring other clients to you. Take your business to the next level simply by establishing your key business values and demonstrating those values to your clients.

Define Your Business Values

Your business values are the framework in which your business makes decisions and operates. They are aligned with the vision and goals that you established for your business. Typically, the things that matter to you individually will help make up the values you establish for your business. For example, if you value honesty and integrity, these will likely carry over into your business values. These values will affect how you choose to operate your business, your relationships with your team, and how you provide service to your customers. They will form the reputation that you and your business will be known for. 

The values that you set for your business will attract people who hold similar values for themselves. Potential employees or business partners will be more eager to work with you if you demonstrate strong values that align with their own beliefs. Likewise, clients will want to work with you if they can relate to you and your values. 

To define your business values, first, think about why you started your business. As wellness providers, we are passionate about health and wellness. We care for our bodies and enjoy teaching others how to care for their bodies. We provide the tools and services to bring healing and wellness to our clients. These passions define our business values as well. We lead from our values and demonstrate them to everyone we interact with within our business, whether our team or clients.

Next, think about your personal values. What values do you want to be known for in your industry? Are there any values that you can relate to in other businesses that you respect and admire? How do you make important decisions in your personal life? Using the previous example of honesty and integrity, if these are your values, how will you demonstrate them? You will need to make those values actionable. Anyone can post their business values on their website and their marketing materials. But it’s how you demonstrate those values that people will truly take notice of. 

Your Clients’ Perceived Values

Perceived value refers to the client’s perspective or opinion on the services they receive. They base their evaluation on whether the service meets their needs and expectations and if the cost of the service aligns with the quality of service.  

As wellness providers, you may struggle to balance managing your business and your family and personal life. We spend so much time caring for others that it can be easy to put ourselves on the back-burner until we feel overwhelmed. Sometimes we fall back into limiting beliefs that can hold us back in business. There are three elements of values to ask yourself:

  1. Are you valuing yourself with your time and pricing?
  2. Are you providing something to your clients that they see as an extra value so they want to come back?
  3. Are you perceived online as valuable enough to book your services?

Valuing Yourself

The pricing you set for your services is a reflection of how much you value yourself. If you set your prices too low or constantly reduce your pricing, you may unintentionally demonstrate that you do not offer the best service to potential clients. When consumers shop for a product or service, most people do not opt for the lowest price because they may perceive it as lower quality. They expect to pay a little more for quality. Instead, research the average pricing for therapists in your area and charge similarly based on your experience. Don’t offer discounts or specials often as this devalues you and brings the wrong clientele. People who are only looking for a deal will not value you and your service and will most likely cancel or not become long-term clients. 

When you value yourself and your time, you will charge the pricing that reflects your expertise in your field. If you want to show your clients appreciation on special occasions such as birthdays or holidays, those are acceptable times to offer a discount. It clearly conveys that the discount is because you appreciate the client and do not offer discounts out of desperation for more business. 

When it comes to valuing your time, you should also have clear policies in place for cancellations, no-show, and late arrivals. Post the policies in your scheduling service and your office so the client is aware. Include your policy in your new client onboarding documents and require their signature to acknowledge it. You could offer one-time leniency for regular clients that you know do not take advantage of it. It is reasonable to charge 50% of the service they booked if they cancel at the last minute or do not show. Your time is valuable, and you reserved that spot that could have gone to someone else. The only exception is if your state has a law that does not allow you to do this. Check your state regulations on any fees and policies. Make sure you are within your state’s laws.

Provide Extra Value To Your Clients

Think about what makes you stand out from other providers in your field. What can you do to add extra value so your clients will keep coming back to you? What’s even better is if you can offer a more personalized experience for your clients. They want to feel known like they are more than just a paying client. In the health and wellness field, we build relationships with our clients and personalize their care based on their individual needs. As you get to know more about your clients, offer a little surprise treat on occasion to make them feel pampered and special. 

Your Online Presence Should Reflect Your Value

In the health and wellness industry, word-of-mouth referrals go a long way. However, you need to maintain a strong presence online as well. Create an optimized website and have at least one social media account. Research which social media platform your ideal clients use so they will find you. Document clearly on your website and social media accounts what you do, how you can help people, where they can find you, and how to book your services. 

Ask your regular clients to provide reviews. Make it easy for them by emailing the link for them to do it quickly and easily. Offer a small thank you gift if you want. However, most clients will do it because they value your services and want to help you. The more 5 star reviews you have on Google, the higher your business will rank. Potential clients looking for your services will find you easier, and they will also look at the reviews as part of their research to determine if they want to book your services. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed on how to add value to your business, reach out to Terra for a free consultation.

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