Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure if OBM services are the right fit for you?

Here are a few commonly asked questions to help you figure it out

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed running the backend of your business with all your to-do lists? If you answered “yes,” a virtual assistant can help you by providing services and performing tasks you need to have done in your business. When you have an in-house employee, you have the time and expense of payroll, overtime, training, and re-hiring as they come and go. With Finding Business Balance, we have a team already dedicated to your business needs and ready to get your projects and tasks done for you. 

A virtual assistant provides services and performs tasks you need done within your business.

A Project Manager is a professional who manages your business projects virtually, from the day-to-day projects, to new system implementation, or changes you want to make within your business. We help with the communications with your team, tech support and the implementation process giving you more time and freedom to focus on your field of practice.

With Finding Business Balance, you have both the simplicity of only needing to communicate with Terra and the services of a whole team thus saving you time and money. You can choose the services that you need when you need them.

Most businesses are already being run virtually from email to social media to online scheduling (if you don’t have online scheduling we can help you set it up). Visit our services page to see details on the services we offer and how we can help you reduce your workload.

Are you still unsure if VA’s are the right fit for your business? We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Simply schedule a free 20-minute consult with us. You have nothing to lose except less stress.

We currently provide project and social media management with our virtual assistant team providing customer service, project implementation, and social media services. Visit our service page for more details.

We charge an hourly rate. You will sign a contract before services rendered, so you will know approximately the cost of the services being provided.

Limits on hours or cost per month can be part of the contract agreement so you can budget your costs.

If you need a project done on a weekend or over a holiday, there will be an additional rate charged, regardless of your current plan or package. Please request ahead of time so we can try to accommodate you.

Finding Business Balance will send you an invoice once a month via PayPal with the services we provided except on the first month where a 50% first month only upfront payment is required upon signing the contract. You can easily pay with your credit or debit card. No account is needed with PayPal.

The best way to reach us is by email at [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.

Our business hours are 9 am-6 pm ET Monday-Friday. If you are new to our services and you want to see if we are the right fit. Simply set up a free 20-minute zoom chat. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Click here to get started. We would love to meet you!

You can email [email protected], or send via cloud-based systems (Dropbox, iCloud, Google docs).

Once we have signed a contract agreement and built trust there may be other online programs you already have that we can communicate within for projects.

At your request, we can post, edit and manage such programs as WordPress (or current website), Asana, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Our business hours are 9 am-6 pm ET Monday-Friday. We are closed on all federal holidays and weekends.

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