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Resources to help you organize your business


Are you struggling to keep up with all your projects and who is doing what? Asana is a great way to organize projects, communicate with your team, and get work done efficiently and quickly.


is a secure cloud-based system to optimize your workflow. In Dropbox, you can easily organize your documents, have access anywhere you go, and easily share with your team or clients.


If you struggle with grammar or spelling this is a great free add-on to google docs.
It shows grammar errors as you make them, saving you time.


This is a great tool to keep track of your passwords all in one place and once the app is downloaded you can use it on multiple devices. Sharing passwords becomes safe and easy with LastPass.


A wonderful tool for
professional pictures and designing layouts
for your promotional materials in
your business.

Part of running a business is feeling healthy and vibrant. Here are some personal healthy on the go timesavers I love:


This great exercise app is fabulous for those trying to stay healthy on the go. It has yoga, Barre, and short exercise routines to keep you fit wherever you are in the time frame you need. I love this app! It costs what a 6-week class does for a whole year of access!


This amazing wellness company combines ancient natural wisdom with modern scientific innovations to develop all-natural mental wellness products that support vigor, happiness, stress resilience, mental performance, hormonal balance, and whole-body wellness. See the link for details and reach out to me for more information and a promo discount.

Misfit Market

A great way to be healthy on the go is with fresh, organic fruit and veggies sent directly to your door. I love not having to do weekly grocery shopping. Get a discount on your first order by using the code.

Affiliate claim disclosure:

I occasionally will promote, endorse, or suggest products or services of others. I will sometimes be compensated by an affiliate with a commission based on sales.

My recommendations are always based on my personal experience in the high quality and value of the product or service, or positive experience with the person or company. I would not promote a product or service I did not personally use and believe in.

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