How Project Management Can Help Your Wellness Business

Your wellness business is growing and thriving, and now you are ready to outsource some of your small projects and day-to-day business management tasks. You may be wondering how Project Management can help you in your wellness business. After all, the health and wellness industry is a service specialty requiring certain knowledge and medical terminology. You want your team to understand the wellness industry so they are qualified to jump right in to assist you with minimal training. The good news is that online business is expanding rapidly due to technological advancements. And Project Management is essential for small businesses of all kinds, including wellness businesses. 

What Can A Project Manager Do For My Wellness Business?

The tasks and projects that a Project Manager (PM) can do for your business vary. Before you get on a Discovery Call or interview a potential Project Manager, you should have a list of tasks you want to outsource. You might be surprised at how much work they can take off your plate. The primary goal of outsourcing to a Project Manager is to free up time and bring organization within your staff, team, and backend of your office.

Examples of some of the tasks a Project Manager may be able to provide for your wellness business are

  • Issues identification and resolution. Whenever a problem within a project or the day-to-day business tasks, your Project Manager is the go-to person for things that are within their scope of authority. They must ensure that the issue is resolved timely and effectively to run smoothly.
  • Oversee your project lifecycle. Whenever you have a project that needs to be completed within your business, your Project Manager will oversee it from start to finish. They will monitor your project’s timeline, budget, and progress to ensure everything is on track. 
  • Assist with marketing projects and tasks. Wellness providers don’t typically need to hire a marketing firm. You can delegate these types of tasks to your team and Project Manager. For example, they may be able to help develop logos and business cards and edit website copy and graphics. They may also set up social media sites and update your social media accounts for you!
  • Office administrative tasks. Projects such as editing forms, blogs, and newsletters for your email promotions, and promotional materials, updating online systems with new staff, services, and prices, and dealing with tech support on website issues are just a few examples. They can also handle emails, documentation development, job descriptions, postings, ordering products, and office supplies.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing And Project Management

As previously stated, the primary goal of a Project Manager is to free up time for their clients. What would having more time in your day look like to you? Would you use the time to help more patients and clients? Or would you use the time for self-care so you can be a healthy example to those you help? For some, having more time back may look like giving yourself an extra day off during the week or ending your work days earlier so you can have dinner with your family. 

In addition to saving you time, Project Managers can save you money by reducing your operational costs. Delegating your work to a PM will maximize your own productivity, setting you up for more success in your wellness business. And when you outsource to a PM who works remotely as an independent contractor, you don’t have to pay the overhead costs like you would for employees. In fact, you only pay for the work that you need to be done, not a full-time salary. 

Are you wanting to free up your time and curious about the benefits a PM could bring to your wellness business? Contact us to find out if we are the right fit for you to reduce your to-do lists.


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