Overwhelmed In Your Business? Is A Virtual Assistant The Right Fit For You?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed in your business lately? Your business is thriving and growing, which is a good thing! However, it doesn’t feel so good when you are stressed by the amount of work you must do. There is a better way to manage your workload and still enjoy time for self-care and time with your family. Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant (VA) to tackle your to-do list of tasks that overwhelm you may be the answer. Take a look at this checklist to see if a VA is the right fit for you.

Overwhelmed By Your Inbox?

Email overload is one of the most overwhelming parts of managing a business, regardless of your role in the business. If you feel anxiety at the thought of checking your email, this could be your dilemma. Maybe you don’t feel anxiety, but you find yourself avoiding the task altogether. Avoidance and procrastination is often a sign that you are overwhelmed or strongly dislike the task. 

A VA that specializes in Email Management can reduce your time spent managing your inbox. One of the things a VA can do is organize your disorganized inbox by creating a system of folders and labels. The VA can set up rules that allow your incoming emails to automatically go to the appropriate folder, including your spam folder, so you don’t waste time deleting ones you don’t need to see. A VA will also respond to your emails for you and keep your inbox running efficiently. A VA can do many other things to manage your inbox, depending on what your needs are.

Overwhelmed By Social Media?

Social media is a fun way to interact with clients and followers, but it can also be time-consuming. Posting to multiple social media platforms at various times of the day may be an excellent social media marketing strategy, but it’s nearly impossible to keep up with on your own. A VA that offers Social Media Management would be an excellent addition to your team. A VA can create and schedule your social media content, as well as engage with your followers. 

A VA can also create and schedule your blog posts and newsletters. If you don’t enjoy writing or you are limited on time, delegating this type of task to a VA can give you back countless hours of your time. Other content writing you may need to be handled would be brochures and promotional materials. 

Overwhelmed By Your Back Office Tasks?

A VA can help with the administrative tasks that keep your office running smoothly. Scheduling and Calendar Management are also some of the back office work that a VA can do for your virtually. 

The Many Advantages Of A Virtual Team

You may have read the checklist and realized that you are overwhelmed by multiple parts of your business and need to bring on a team of VA’s. Sometimes one VA is all you need, but often it’s more than one. There are many advantages to utilizing VA’s and virtual teams. 

  • Working with a VA or virtual team can save you money. They are independent contractors and freelancers who can do as little or as much work as you need. They are not a full-time staff member that you would provide benefits and overhead costs.
  • Virtual teams are often happier and more productive when they work remotely. No commute and fewer distractions are common factors. 
  • Working with a VA can help you save time you would spend on the everyday tasks of running a business, which frees up your time to focus on your core functions. You may be able to work with more clients if you no longer have to handle your administrative work.
  • When you choose a VA, you are choosing from a broader selection of skilled professionals. You are not held to finding a local staff member from a handful of parties that the hiring agency sent or who applied to your job posting. You are able to choose from talented and professional freelancers from anywhere globally. This may also be an advantage if you prefer someone in a different time zone to join your team and handle certain tasks outside of your normal business hours. 

What tasks do you feel overwhelmed with in your business? What services would you love to no longer do and have a VA to help you with?

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