The Power Of Words - Adding Value And Fostering Trust With Your Clients

“There is immense power in words. Whether we hear them as spoken or written messages, words create new states of mind.” The words we speak to those around us and how we present them can have a lifelong impact on those we interact with. We can use our words to tear someone down or empower and lift them up. 

The Science Behind The Power Of Words

Dr. Masaru Emoto was an author and scientist who believed that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water. He believed that vibrations and emotional energy could change the physical structure of water and that polluted water could become clean through positive visualization.

Dr. Emoto conducted a fascinating experiment in the 1990s to learn how the power of words changed the structure of water crystals. When water was frozen and free from all impurities, it formed beautiful ice crystals that looked like snowflakes under the microscope. When he conducted the experiment using polluted water or water with things added to it, such as fluoride, the water would freeze without forming any crystals. 

During the experiment, Dr. Emoto poured water into vials with words written on them. He wrote phrases on them such as “I hate you,” “I love you,” “fear,” and “peace.” After twenty-four hours, the vial with the positive phrase formed beautiful snow-like patterns under a microscope. The vials with negative phrases written on them resulted in gray or yellowish clumpy formations. The experiment concluded that the energy projected onto something could change the object’s physical structure.

Dr. Emoto later conducted another interesting experiment regarding the power of spoken words and their effect on two cups of cooked white rice. He left two cups of white rice in an elementary school classroom. On one cup, he labeled it “Thank you.” On the other cup, he labeled it “You fool.” He instructed the students to speak the words on the label to the corresponding cup of rice twice daily for thirty days. At the end of the thirty days, the rice that had the label “You fool” on it had turned into a black jelly-like mass! The rice that had the label “Thank you” on it was as white and fresh-looking as the day it was cooked!

The Power Of Words In Our Everyday Life

We don’t always realize when we accidentally speak negative words about ourselves. It may be something as simple as “I hate my big nose.” What about the words that others have spoken toward you? If you were bullied as a child, you might still carry the emotional trauma of the names you were called many years ago. 

The human body is made up of, on average, 60%-70% of water. Because sound vibrations travel quickly in water, we can see what Dr. Emoto’s experiment on water says about the power of words on our bodies and in our lives. We should take the time to be more conscious of the words we speak over ourselves and the words we speak to others.

Making a conscious effort to shift self-criticism and self-deprecation spoken over ourselves is beneficial. Instead, practice gratitude by finding things about yourself that you can appreciate. When you speak those positive words to yourself, you will gain a boost in confidence.

Power Of Words In Social Media  

For business owners, social media is a powerful tool for building your brand and marketing your product and services. But even more importantly, perhaps, social media is where you build relationships with your clients and potential clients. By providing interesting and educational content, you add value that your social media followers will find helpful. Consistency in posting quality content will keep your followers coming back for more. They may begin to see you as an expert in your field, a resource when they have questions, and the one they turn to when they need your services.

The words you speak in your communications become part of your business values. It also reflects your confidence. Your communications can also reflect how much you value the clients you serve. When people feel respected and heard, it builds trust. Through your social media engagement, you build trust with your followers. Send them a thank you in their DMs for their feedback. Answer questions they ask in the comments. These types of engagement show you care and value them. When your social media followers feel valued, they are more likely to do business with you.  

Another thing to remember with social media is to know your audience and your target market for lead generation. Your content should include searchable keywords that attract the people you want to do business with. Tailor your social media content toward the platform you are posting your content. If you are feeling unsure which social media platform you should primarily post content to, that will depend on where your target market “hangs out.” 

In Conclusion

Words are powerful! The words we use can influence and inspire others. Being authentic in your communication is a reflection of who you are. 

What is your biggest takeaway from this blog post? How will you use your words to inspire and influence the world around you through social media?


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