5 LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips For The Health And Wellness Industry

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for businesses, including those in the health and wellness industry. While many businesses use LinkedIn to find their ideal clients, it’s also a place to network and find others to collaborate with. LinkedIn is a platform where people from many different businesses and niches go to increase their online presence and build their professional brand. For those in the health and wellness industry, it’s a place where you can showcase your skills and expertise. It’s a place where you can connect with business partners and share content that inspires and educates a wide variety of people. 

Things To Consider When Building A LinkedIn Profile

With LinkedIn, you can build a personal or business profile. If you are a solo entrepreneur, a personal profile is best. It allows you to create personal connections and build relationships. Larger businesses usually make a business profile for their company. You may choose to do this if you are in a partnership or larger practice.  

Consider what your main goal is for using LinkedIn. Is it to find your ideal clients? Or will you use it for growing your professional network? If it’s mostly for finding clients, you would need to consider whether your ideal clients are using LinkedIn. Keep in mind that LinkedIn users use the platform for different purposes, such as marketing their services, professional development, and networking with others in their industry. 

#1 Create Your Professional Profile

Your goal is to create a professional profile on LinkedIn that will make your health and wellness business stand out and showcase your brand.

  • Profile photo – Use a professional headshot if you have one. You can even use a photo from your mobile phone camera. Make sure it’s a clear, close-up photo of yourself so your audience will recognize you. A pro tip is to use the same profile photo across all of your social media platforms for easy recognition. If you are creating a business profile, you can use your business logo as the profile photo if that is more recognizable to your audience. 
  • Background banner – Part of your LinkedIn “real estate” is the background banner that sits behind your profile photo. You want to use an eye-catching banner. You can personalize your background banner to reflect your brand and include your logo, an inspiring quote, or other relevant information. You can use templates on Canva to create your LinkedIn banner easily.
  • Headline – Under your profile photo is where you can put a catchy headline, your business tagline, or describe the services you offer. Use keywords relevant to your business that people might search for and are likely to type into search engines.
  • About Me section – List your qualifications, what services you offer, and who your services are for. Tell your story and what makes you and your business unique. Make it a paragraph format if you have a lot to say. You can use up to 2,000 characters here. Be sure to use those keywords to optimize your LinkedIn profile.
  • Contact Me section – Use a call-to-action to tell followers how to contact you. You can use your scheduling link or email address, depending on which way you want them to contact you. You can also list your phone number and address.

#2  Go Find Your Network

You probably already know a lot of people who use LinkedIn. If you already have clients, you will likely find many of them there, too. Start by requesting to connect with everyone you know who is already on LinkedIn. The interesting thing about LinkedIn is that it will suggest people to connect with based on those you started out with. This is similar to “friends of friends” that you might find on other social media platforms. You can also list people you would like to connect with professionally, such as other respected people in your industry. Send a request to connect to as many people you can think of that you want to network with. Be courteous by sending a short message to introduce yourself if they don’t know you yet.  

#3 Join Relevant Industry Groups And Pages

LinkedIn has a wide variety of interest groups you can join. Find ones that genuinely interest you and are relevant to your industry. Groups are a great place to meet new people to network with. Introduce yourself and join in on the conversations regularly to get to know others in the groups. Networking in groups is a great way to get traffic to your LinkedIn profile, website, and other social media accounts.  

#4 Ask For Recommendations And Endorsements

Send recommendations and endorsements to the people you connect with regularly. And don’t be afraid to ask others to return the favor. Your clients would happily share their recommendations and endorsements on your profile. This will establish you as someone trustworthy and skilled in your field. 

#5 Share Engaging Content Consistently

Posting content consistently gets you noticed and visible to the people you connect with. Post content that is relevant to the audience you want to engage with the most. Post your blogs, long-form content, and articles to showcase your knowledge and expertise. You can also mix in some smaller content, such as “hacks,” tips, and how-to videos. Post short clips of webinars, celebrate your achievements and give shout-outs to others in your network. Another idea is to share user-generated content that others provide, such as testimonials.

Your written content should include relevant keywords with catchy headlines and a call-to-action to encourage engagement. LinkedIn allows you to cross-post content from your website, such as your blog posts. You can also cross-post your LinkedIn articles and content to your Facebook profile and other sites to direct outside traffic to your LinkedIn profile.   

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