5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Ideal Clients

LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional network on social media. It’s a social platform used to network with other professionals, share content and ideas, and find leads. However, there is much more to LinkedIn than that. LinkedIn can be used in many ways as a tool to advance your business and career.

LinkedIn Is A Virtual Network

More people than ever are working remotely and starting online businesses. Because it can be difficult to meet new people when you work from home, LinkedIn has become the place to make connections with people virtually. It’s a great place to collaborate with other professionals and share industry knowledge. 

LinkedIn allows you to have an online resume and business card where potential clients, patients, and business partners can learn about you and connect with you. It allows you to easily get introductions to potential clients, patients, and colleagues. 

Every business owner is selling either a product or a service of some type. Virtual selling is how modern businesses are thriving in a worldwide pandemic. If you can’t get out to meet new prospects in person, chances are you will find them on LinkedIn. You can even use LinkedIn to find the right Virtual Assistant when you feel overwhelmed in your business! 

Find Potential Clients Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily used to make connections and build strategic relationships. Most people start out making connections with those you know and who know you, as well. Through those initial connections, you can build a larger network. That is how you find connections in your industry to form partnerships and alliances. As you build your relationships with your connections, don’t be surprised if they start referring people to you for your services. You can get introductions to potential clients and patients, and they can learn more about you and the services you offer by visiting your LinkedIn profile. Here are five ways to utilize LinkedIn to find your potentials clients:

  • Connect with like-minded users in Groups. To find them, simply type a keyword into the search bar and select “In Groups” to find groups on that topic. Join the groups that interest you and are relevant to your business. Be sure to join in on discussions regularly. You will get to know others in the group, share your expertise, and build the rapport and trust needed to cultivate new clients and patients. 
  • Get discovered on Google search. When you create a LinkedIn profile, it’s likely to show up in Google searches for your name. There, potential clients and patients can read about you and your services and view your shared content. They will also see endorsements and recommendations that other LinkedIn connections provide for you.
  • Share professional content that adds value to your viewers. Like a cross between your website and your social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to create and share all sorts of content that is sharable among your connections. Post blogs from your website and share them with your LinkedIn connections. Create videos or utilize LinkedIn Live to engage your connections and allow them to see your authentic self. You can also post photos and branded graphics, and text. Remember, though, the purpose of LinkedIn is not to sell but to build relationships. Keep sales posts to a minimum. Focus your posts on something that adds value to your connections, fosters engagement, and allows you to form relationships.
  • Stay in contact with your connections. Once you hit that button to connect with someone, don’t stop there. Send a personalized message to greet them, whether they reached out first or you reached out first. Be sure to comment and react to the content they share for engagement with them every once in a while, “check-in” by just saying hello through the messaging feature. The goal is to nurture the relationships that form through your time spent using the platform.
  • Try LinkedIn advertising. This is their paid advertising that allows you to get in front of potential clients and patients quickly. 

LinkedIn Is A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

While LinkedIn is mostly used for networking, it’s also a large part of many entrepreneur’s marketing strategies. Using LinkedIn consistently can help you expand your network, find clients, and build a professional reputation for your business. 

In what ways do you use LinkedIn to find your ideal clients?

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