How To Generate Leads Using Everyone's Favorite Social Media Platform, Facebook

Facebook is still one of the top social media platforms, and it seems almost everyone we know uses it. It’s also a great business tool for companies large and small and of every type of industry. It makes sense that Facebook is a social media platform that can help you generate leads and become possible clients for your health and wellness business. Whether you create a Facebook business page or post content to your personal Facebook account, it’s easy to build relationships and share your content to get your business noticed. 

Getting Started

There are similarities and differences between using Facebook versus Instagram for lead generation. Whether you use your personal Facebook account or build a Facebook business page, you will need to optimize it. Use your branding colors and logo, or post a professional headshot of you as your profile picture. Add a link to your website and a description of your business and how you help people. Be sure to include your contact information. You can include your business hours, if applicable. If you create a Facebook business page, you can use an action button. The action button tells people how to contact you, purchase from you (if you sell products), and more. 

Using Your Facebook Business Page Versus Your Personal Facebook Account

For smaller businesses and solopreneurs, you may not need or want to create a Facebook business page. You can still optimize your profile so followers can see your business information and a link to your website. Make sure your profile is set for public viewing, not just for friends only. You can share your content right on your page and encourage your followers to share it on their pages. 

If you aren’t using a Facebook business page, you may consider using Facebook groups for your clients and potential clients. You can invite all your contacts to join your Facebook group, even if you aren’t “friends” connected on Facebook. Of course, you may want to send a “friend request” to those who join your group so you can build a better connection with them. Your group should be a place where you interact with your followers regularly, not just post about your business. Create posts encouraging group members to ask questions or participate in a discussion. Like and comment back to their comments for good engagement and relationship building. 

Utilize Facebook Stories

Whether using your personal Facebook account or your business page, stories are one of the best tools Facebook offers. The Facebook algorithms don’t always show your posts to everyone that follows you. But if you use Facebook stories consistently, your logo or headshot (your profile picture) will appear at the top of your followers’ news feed. If they click on it, they will see the posts you added to stories. You can post videos in your stories, photos, text, stickers, and even links. Keep them interesting, and your followers will continue to check your stories. Stories also allow viewers to respond to something you posted, which will show up as a direct message in your Facebook Messenger. That helps get the conversation going so you can get to know your followers and build relationships. 

Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows you to have one-on-one conversations with your followers. You can set up a bot autoresponder to respond to customer questions or direct them to your website or landing pages. It’s also a great way to interact and get to know people. You can even send voice messages, which have a more personal feel than written text. There’s also an option to video call people (similar to Facetime), so you don’t have to utilize Zoom or other virtual conference tools.    

Post Various Forms Of Content

Posting your content consistently will help you to show up in your followers’ news feeds. Videos and Reels grab the attention of your viewers and are the most popular type of content. Kick it up a notch and utilize Facebook Live. When you “go live” on Facebook, all of your followers get a notification, and you also show up in the stories area at the top of their newsfeed. Viewers can interact with you by asking questions or commenting on what you are saying. 

Post your blogs that generate the most leads on your Facebook page. Create a brief description of the blog and use a call-to-action inviting them to click on it and read it. Another great idea is to post an image and include a link to your landing page in the image caption. Images can be informational or funny, such as memes. They are great attention-grabbers.

Create A Facebook Event Page

Do you have an event coming up (either live or virtual)? Perhaps you are offering a webinar? Create a Facebook Event with a separate registration page on your website. You can share the Event page on your newsfeed or invite followers to the Event. Encourage them to sign up on your registration page, and they will become a lead. Events and webinars are also a great way to offer value and get to know your followers, ultimately converting them to potential clients. 

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